ARRS Tumor Imaging: Breast Imaging Online Course 2022


Format : 12 Videos , File Size : 682 MB

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Product Format:

Format : 12 Videos , File Size : 682 MB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

This course is an excerpt from the Tumor Imaging Categorical Course. It only includes the Breast Imaging lectures. A book is NOT included with this purchase. Participants will gain the interpretive, technical, and systems knowledge radiologists need to provide quality screening, while learning strategies to address overall care disparities in breast cancer. This course includes discussions of AI and Pathology, along with a multimodality approach to breast cancer imaging.
Target Audience:
The target audience for this activity is radiologists and radiologists in training with an interest breast cancer imaging.
Goals and Objectives:

After completing the material in this article, the learner should be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of the history of mammography.
  2. Discuss why the randomized controlled trials are important.
  3. Explain the advantage of breast cancer screening with ultrasound.
  4. Discuss the advantage of Contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM)
  5. Discuss the disparities in breast cancer and the implications of screening African American Women.
  6. Explain the economics of breast cancer screening.

Module 1: Breast Cancer: Background History, BI-RADS, Ultrasound

  • Debra Copit has nothing to disclose.
  • Sarah Friedewald receives consulting fees, and has a research grant as from Hologic, Inc.. Dr. Friedewald has a research grant as the principal investigator from Google.
  • Melissa Durand has nothing to disclose.
  • Donna Plecha has nothing to disclose.
  • Holly Marshall has nothing to disclose

Module 2: Breast Cancer: BI-RADS, Tomosynthesis

  • Hannah Gilmore has nothing to disclose.
  • Emily Conant has research grants from Hologic, Inc and iCAD, Ins. Dr. Conant receives travel costs and a per diem as a member of an Advisory panel for Hologic, Inc. dr. Conant receives a per diem as a member of an Advisory panel for iCAD, Inc.
  • Regina Hooley receives honorarium as an Advisory Board Member for Hologic, Inc
  • Jordana Phillips is the PI for a research project funded by General Electric. Dr. Phillips is also a paid consultant for Hologic.
  • Victoria L. Mango has nothing to disclose.
  • Lars J. Grimm has nothing to disclose.
  • Jennifer A. Harvey has nothing to disclose.
  • Donna M. Plecha has nothing to disclose.
  • Ana D. French has nothing to disclose.
  • Reni S. Butler has nothing to disclose.
  • Alexander K. Rende has nothing to disclose.
  • Jasmine Gandhi has nothing to disclose.

Module 3: Breast Cancer: MRI, AI and Pathology

  • Jessica Leung receives stock shares as member Scientific Advisory Board for Subtle Medical. Dr. Leung receives honorarium as a panelist for GE Healthcare and honorarium as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Seno. Dr. Leung receives honorarium as a member of the Contrast Advisory Board for Bracco Diagnostics.
  • Stephanie Patterson has nothing to disclose.
  • Dana Smetherman has nothing to disclose.
  • Michael Fishman receives consulting fees as a Scientific Advisory Board member for Hologic.
  • Ethan O. Cohen has nothing to disclose.
  • Carol T. McLaughlin has nothing to disclose.
  • Annette I. Joe has nothing to disclose.
  • Clare Poynton has nothing to disclose.
  • Priscilla J. Slanetz has nothing to disclose.
  • Amy K. Patel has nothing to disclose.

Covered Specialties and Categories:

Obstetrics & Gynecology

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