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Last year was great, all thanks going to our awesome faculty, and this year, we’re planning on taking it yet to another level. We’ve added some new faculty members who’ll be bringing some interesting perspectives, and there will be a pervasive theme across the two days to really get everyone’s understanding and management of the oft-overlooked venous/right side of things, woven in among the other key topics that last year’s attendees and the scientific committee chose. This is a clear evolution in clinical practice that, paired with POCUS, is really a game changer across a wide range of pathologies. Expect to leave from these two days with at least one extra notch on your belt.

The importance of careful fluid resuscitation has been gaining attention in the last years – take for instance the great work being done by Manu Malbrain at IFAD (International Fluid Academy) who just had their symposium. Treating fluids like the drugs that they are should be our goal.

In addition we have picked a number of important topics, with the idea to share knowledge and practical skills at therapeutic decision points, or else to bring attention to bleeding-edge topics that, though not widespread today, hold promise for further fine-tuning of resuscitation. One in particular is the use of the pulmonary artery catheter, whose use, though having fallen out of mainstream favour, persisted in many areas where clinicians were able to properly use this powerful monitoring tool. We feel it is poised to make a comeback among high-level resuscitationists. For some, it may be a matter of refreshing and re-polishing, and for the new generation, a good time to learn.

Topics/Speakers : 

1. COVID Intubation – Finding the Sweet Spot (Phillippe Rola)
2. Doppler Evaluation of the RVOT (Korbin Haycock)
3. ECMO- Out There or Standard of Care (Segun Olusanya)
4. Flipping the Vent (Rory Spiegel)
5. Intubating the Patient in Profound Shock (Scott Weingart)
6. Paradigms in Mechanical Ventilation Strategies (Adam Thomas)
7. POCUS for P-SILI (Marco Garrone)
8. The Pathophysiology of VILI and SILI (Jon Emile Kenny)
9. Zentensivism (Matt Siuba)
10. Avoiding Airway Catastrophe (Laura Duggan)
11. Bedside Management of Acute PE (May West)
12. Bedside Neuromonitoring and POCUS (Robert Chen)
13. Cardiac Arrest and the Pandemic (Felipe Teran)
14. Intro to VEXUS (William Beaubien Souligny)
15. Managing the Critically Ill – An #Ogitorial (Ogi Gajic)
16. OMI vs NOMI- The Next Revolution (Pendell Meyers)
17. POCUSing the RUQ (Kylie Baker)
18. Selective Pulmonary Vasodilators (Josh Farkas)
19. The Fastest Way to Diagnose RV Dysfunction (AndrÇ Denault)
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Date of Release : 22/05/2020 

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