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43 Videos + 35 PPTX + 3 PDFs


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43 Videos + 35 PPTX + 3 PDFs

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

This module will provide you with the essential knowledge to manage the general patient with valve disease. It will also provide you with an understanding of which patients are suitable for percutaneous intervention and how these interventions are performed. A unique aspect of this module will be the live case in-a-box, TAVI, left atrial appendage and ASD closure. So you gain exposure to many of the aspects of these interventional procedures. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and insight of new treatments to permit you to confidently treat your patients and confidently discuss their treatment with your colleagues.


This Simple Education Essential Guide to Coronary Angiography, Stenting and Structural Intervention course will give participants real knowledge and insights into how to become successful in interventional cardiology practice.  Designed and run by leading internationally experts in the field, the course will steer you through from A to Z of contemporary interventional practice to ensure you are safe and confident in your approach and managment of patients.


Course Directors

Dr Sayan Sen, Consultant Cardiologist, Imperial College NHS  Trust

Dr Justin Davies, Consultant Cardiologist, Imperial College NHS  Trust

Topics : 

Essential Cath Course Part 1
– 01 Overview
– 02 Does This Patient Need an Angiogram
– 03 The Definitive Guide for Successful Arterial Access
– 04 Prevention of Contrast Induced Nephropathy
– 05 Right and Left Heart Catheterisation Made Easy
– 06 Recognise and Respond Promptly to the Peri-Arrest Patient
– 07 Get it Right or Get Stuck Later – Choosing Your Catheter
– 08 What View is This – Recognise and Refine Coronary Views
– 09 Graft Cases – Don_t Panic – We_ll Show You How to Make Them Easy
– 10 Become Confident and Safe with Vascular Closure
– 11 Recognise Post Angiography Problems Early and Treat Decisively
Essential Cath Course Part 2
– 01 Introduction
– 02 Managing Chest Pain – is NICE a Help or a Hindrance
– 03 Using CT to Determine Patient Risk and Management
– 04 ABC of Primary Prevention and Anti-Anginals
– 05 When to Use ETT, DSE, CT, Nuclear and CMR
– 06 Essential Guide to Intra-Coronary Physiology for General Cardiologist
– 07 Essential Guide to Intra-coronary Imaging for the General Cardiologist
– 08 Essential Guide to Stents, Bioabsorbable Vascular Scaffolds _ Drug Elution Balloons
– 09 Essential Guide to Anti-platelets and Anti-coagulants (inc NOACS)
– 10 Should This Patient Have a CABG or Stent or Medical Therap
– 11 Be Confident at Your Heart Team Meeting
Essential Cath Course Part 3
– 01 overview
– 02 Does this Patient Need an Angioplasty
– 03 Preparing Your Patient for Angioplasty – What Complications Should You Discuss and What is their Incidence
– 04 Fail Safe Guide to Access Routes and Guide Catheters in Acutely Unwell Patients
– 05 Anti-platelet Therapy and Anticoagulants in ACS Patients
– 06 Recorded Live Case and Discussion
– 07 Thrombus Aspiration and Balloon Pumps – What_s the Bottom Line
– 08 How Should You Treat and Assess Non-culprit Disease
– 09 What Medication Should the Patient Have on Discharge and Why
– 10 Post PPCI complications – When to Take the Patient Back to the Lab
Essential Cath Course Part 4
– 01 overview
– 02 When Shall I Refer my Patient with Aortic Stenosis or Regurgitation for Surgery
– 03 Who gets a TAVI in the UK
– 04 What is the future of TAVI
– 05 What Can You Do if They are Not Fit for Surgery or TAVI
– 06 Live case in-a-box
– 07 What You Need to Know When Managing the Post TAVI Patient
– 08 When Shall I Refer my Patient with Mitral Stenosis or Regurgitation for Surgery
– 09 Percutaneous ASD Closure – Recorded Case
– 10 Who Gets a Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device
– 11 When Should I Refer for PFO and ASD Closure

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