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Penn Radiology’s Neuro, Head and Neck Imaging

An expert faculty from Penn Radiology and other nationally renowned academic institutions present a multi-modality approach for the assessment and treatment of diseases of the head and neck, brain, spine, and blood vessels from the aortic arch through the Circle of Willis.

Topics:  Use of nuclear imaging, MR, CT and ultrasound to treat diseases of head, neck, brain, spine and blood vessels, cutting edge technology, dose reduction, dual energy and patients with implantable devices.

Session 1: Brain Diagnosis and Imaging Tips: Opening Round

CNS Advanced Neuroimaging Techniques Demystified Suyash Mohan, MD
An Algorithm for Evaluating Brain Tumors Elias R. Melhem, MD
Approach to Bilateral Basal Ganglia Lesions Suyash Mohan, MD
Radiopharmaceuticals and Instrumentation for Nuclear Imaging Daniel A. Pryma, MD
Panel Discussion

Session 2: Head and Neck: Anatomy and Pathology

Neoplasms of the Larynx Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Work-up of Thyroid Nodules & Nodules That Are Cancer Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Imaging and Therapy of Benign Thyroid Diseases Daniel A. Pyrma, MD
Nasopharyngeal Cancer: Patterns of Tumor Spread Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Role of Imaging in Pituitary and Suprasellar Pathologies Elias R. Melhem, MD
Evaluation of Hyperparathyroidism: State-of-the-Art Laurie A. Loevner, MD

Session 3: CNS Cognitive Disorders and Chemicals

Imaging Seizures Ronald L. Wolf, MD
MR Imaging of Neuro-cognitive Disorders – Dementia Elias R. Melhem, MD
PET/CT and SPECT in Neurodegenerative Diseases Daniel A. Pyrma, MD
Your Brain on Drugs – CSN Effects of Chemicals Suyash Mohan, MD
DTI & Tractography: Principles and Applications Elias R. Melhem, MD

Session 4: Head and Neck: Digging Deeper

Sinonasal Neoplasia: What the Radiologist Needs to Know Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Deep Space Infections of the Neck Suyash Mohan, MD
Poptosis: Imaging Patterns of Orbital Pathology Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Pitfalls in FDG PET in the Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis Daniel A. Pyrma, MD
An Approach to Evaluating Bithalamic Lesions Suyash Mohan, MD

Session 5: Cranium, Spine and PET

Intracranial Infections Ronald L. Wolf, MD
PET/CT and MRI: Pitfalls and Pearls Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Spine: Intramedullary Lesions Ronald L. Wolf, MD

Session 6: Spine Infections and Pathology

Infection/Inflammation of the Spine and Cord Ronald L. Wolf, MD
Is the Latest CT Technology Help or Hype? Harold I. Litt, MD
Case-based Review of Spine Pathology Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Cardiac Sources of Ischemia And Infection in the Brain And Spinal Cord Harold I. Litt, MD

Session 7: Imaging Gently

MRA and CTA Applications in the Head and Neck Ronald L. Wolf, MD
Radiation Reduction in Your Practice Harold I. Litt, MD
Stroke Imaging Ronald L. Wolf, MD
Dual Energy CT and Its Applications Harold I. Litt, MD
MRI in Patients with Pacemakers and Devices Harold I. Litt, MD

Session 8: New Frontiers

Transoral Robotic Surgery: The Cutting Edge Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Case-based Workshop: Pathology of the Arch and Great Vessels: Harold I. Litt, MD
Case-based Workshop: Bread and Butter of Neuroradiology Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Panel Discussion


Demo Presentation


Release Date: 5/15/13

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