Current Topics in Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology 2022


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15 Videos + 1 PDF
File Size = 8.02 GB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Under the direction of renowned pathologist Lysandra Voltaggio, MD, Current Topics in Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology speakers discuss recent advances in pancreatic and biliary pathology.

Through recorded lectures, slide seminars, and Q&A sessions, you’ll gain a better understanding of interpretation of mucosal biopsies, liver biopsies, pancreatic/biliary disorders and the application of modern techniques to gastrointestinal disorders.

This online CME program covers molecular pathology, gastric cancer mimickers, gastric intestinal metaplasia, consultation and diagnostic pitfalls, application of cell-free DNA, hepatocellular carcinoma, unusual and unexpected colon polyps, medication effects, pancreatic cancer variants, and more.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the learner will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Recognize the major histological types of gastric cancer and the variants with clinical relevance
  • Recognize the spectrum of benign/reactive lesions that mimic gastric cancer and its precursor lesions
  • Discuss current practice guidelines in management of gastric intestinal metaplasia
  • Recognize relevant pathologic features that are necessary for decision making in selecting treatment options of early gastric cancer
  • Identify helpful diagnostic features on selected challenging cases from the Gl consultation service
  • Name the current clinical utility of cell-free DNA in the characterization of gastrointestinal malignancies
  • Distinguish between neuroendocrine neoplasms and other non-neoplastic lesions and neoplasms that can mimic neuroendocrine neoplasms
  • Describe the special stains that aid in the histologic diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Discuss how single cell RNA sequencing and other molecular advances deepen our understanding of “normal” human intestinal crypt niche homeostasis and injury responses across anatomic segments
  • Recognize basic histologic pattern of the most common liver diseases
  • Discuss when colon polyps may be linked to polyposis syndromes
  • Describe medication effects that can mimic gastrointestinal diseases
  • Identify the clinically significant distinct variants of pancreatic cancer

Intended Audience

This activity is intended for community pathologists, gastrointestinal specialists, hepatologists and gastrointestinal and hepatology fellows and residents.


Molecular Pathology of Gastric Cancer – Fatima Carneiro, MD, PhD

Mimickers of Gastric Cancer and its Precursor Lesions – Fatima Carneiro, MD, PhD

Management of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia and Early Gastric Cancer – Saowanee Ngamruengphong, MD

Challenging and Recurring Issues from the GI Consultation Service – Lysandra Voltaggio, MD

Slide Seminar: Selected Cases from the GI Consultation Service – Lysandra Voltaggio, MD

Clinical Applications of Cell-Free DNA in Gastrointestinal Malignancies – Jason Park, MD, PhD

Challenging Neuroendocrine Issues in the Pancreas: The Good, the Bad, and the MiNEN – Elizabeth Thompson, MD, PhD

Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma – Robert Anders, MD, PhD

Near-Normal Diagnoses You Won’t Miss in the Colon – Tatianna Larman, MD

Survival Guide to Medical Liver Biopsies – Kiyoko Oshima, MD

Dealing with the Unexpected and Unusual Colon Polyp – Kevan Salimian, MD

Oh Those Pesky Medications that Mimic Everything: A Cook’s Tour – Elizabeth Montgomery, MD

Slide Seminar: Selected Cases of Medication Associated Injury – Elizabeth Montgomery, MD

Clinically Important Variants of Pancreatic Cancer – Ralph Hruban, MD

Q/A Session – Faculty

Date of Original Release: February 15, 2022
Date Credits Expire: February 15, 2024

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Current Topics in Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology 2022, Gastroenterology, Oakstone, Pathology, simple

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