COVID-19: Clinical Features and Spectrum of Imaging Findings 2021


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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Join us online January 22, 11:00 am–5:00 pm, Eastern Time, for our Virtual Symposium on COVID-19. This symposium will provide a well-rounded overview of the origin, pathophysiology, and varied clinical presentations of COVID-19 infection. Through illustrative case examples, the spectrum of radiologic imaging findings affecting the lungs, heart, gastrointestinal systems, and central nervous system in adult patients and the manifestations of the recently reported Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) will be highlighted.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to discuss:

– How SARS-CoV-2 first emerged and eventually resulted in the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic

– The interaction between the COVID-19 spike glycoproteins and the ACE-2 receptors allowing its entry into the body resulting in multisystem organ infection

– Typical and atypical chest radiographic and CT manifestations of COVID-19, how to generate a standardized chest X-ray and or CT report and the position of major radiology societies on the use of imaging in the COVID-19 pandemic

– Physiologic benefits and diagnostic interpretive challenges associated with the use prone ventilation and radiographic imaging in COVID-19 patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure

– Pulmonary complications of COVID-19 including heightened risk of barotrauma, pulmonary thromboembolic disease and more long-term chronic pulmonary sequelae of the infection

– The various myocardial imaging findings, presentations and complications associated with COVID-19 infection

– The various abdominal imaging findings, presentations and complications associated with COVID-19 infection

– Various central neurologic complications of COVID 19 infection including encephalopathy, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, thrombotic vascular events such as stroke; peripheral nervous systems manifestations such as dysgeusia, Guillain-Barre syndrome and post infection brain fog

– What the radiologists needs to know about COVOD-19 related Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MISC) and the International Expert Consensus Statement on Chest Imaging in Pediatric COVID-19

– The role Artificial Intelligence may play in the diagnosis, management and treatment of patients infected with COVID-19

Target Audience

The target audience for this activity is radiologists, radiologists in-training, primary health care providers, and critical care medicine attending and fellows with an interest in image findings of COVID-19 infection.


Time Session Topic Faculty
11:00–11:45 am Course Introduction
Emergence of COVID-19 and the Subsequent Pandemic
Herd Immunity / Vaccine Development and Update
Mark Parker, MD
11:45 am–12:15 pm Chest Radiographic and Radiologic Manifestations of COVID-19
Standardized Reports and Key Radiologic Societal Position Statements on the Use of Imaging
Jane Ko, MD
12:15–12:45 pm Use of Prone Positioning in Patients with COVID-19 and Interpretation Challenges Shaimaa Fadl, MD
12:45–1:15 pm Pulmonary Complications of COVID-19 Sub-Acute and Beyond: Barotrauma, Pulmonary Thromboembolism, and Fibrosis Georgeann McGuinness, MD
1:15–1:45 pm Break
1:45–2:15 pm Myocardial and Coronary Arteries Manifestations and Complications of COVID-19 Diana Litmanovich, MD
2:15–2:45 pm Abdominal Manifestations and Complications of
Rajesh Bhayana, MD
2:45–3:15 pm Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems and Manifestations of COVID-19; Post-Infection Brain Fog Puneet Belani, MD
3:15–3:30 pm Break
3:30–4:00 pm Up-To-Date: Essentials of Pediatric COVID-19 and
Edward Lee, MD
4:00–4:30 pm How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Tackle the COVID Pandemic Carlo De Cecco, MD
4:30–5:15 pm Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Session

Date of issuance: February 8, 2021
Date of expiration: February 7, 2022

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ARRS (American Roentgen Ray Society), COVID-19: Clinical Features and Spectrum of Imaging Findings 2021, Infectious Disease, Radiology, simple

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