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Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Anesthesiology

Oakstone Board Review

Increase your knowledge of key pediatric anesthesiology topics with this convenient CME program.

Learn from Clinical Experts

This in-depth pediatric anesthesia board review course allows you to learn at your convenience from world-renowned experts in pediatric anesthesia. Led by course director Craig D. McClain, MD of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, the Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Anesthesiology taps the expertise of physicians who will ensure that you have a better understanding of such varied topics as:

  • Anesthesia for fetal interventions and children with muscle disorders, pulmonary disease or endocrine disease
  • Preoperative considerations such as evaluation and consultation, pediatric airway issues, and anesthetic neurotoxicity in infants and children
  • Specific surgeries, including trauma, cardiac, orthopedic, thoracic, abdominal and head and neck surgery
  • Anesthesia outside of the OR for diagnostic imaging and pediatric chronic pain management


General Principles

  • Ethics in Pediatric Anesthesiology – David B. Waisel, MD
  • Why Pediatric Anesthesiologists Matter – Terrence A. Yemen, MD

Preoperative Considerations

  • Pharmacology of Drugs in Children – Charles J. Coté, MD
  • Sedation for Children – Joseph P. Cravero, MD
  • Anesthetic Neurotoxicity in Infants and Children – Andrew Davidson, MBBS
  • Preoperative Evaluation and Consultation – Lynne R. Ferrari, MD
  • Blood Conservation Strategies in Pediatric Anesthesia – Susan M. Goobie, MD
  • The Pediatric Airway – Charles D. Nargozian, MD

Specific Patient Populations

  • Anesthesia for Children with Muscle Disorders – Julianne Bacsik, MD
  • Anesthesia for Fetal Interventions – Roland R. Brusseau, MD
  • Anesthetic Implications of Children with Pulmonary Disease Having General Anesthesia – Barbara A. Castro, MD
  • Neonatal Anesthesia – Jennifer L. Dearden, MD
  • Anesthesia for Preterm Infants – Thomas J. Mancuso, MD
  • Anesthesia for Non-Cardiac Surgery in Children with Congenital Heart Defects – Annette Y. Schure, MD, DEAA
  • Endocrine Disease in Children and Anesthetic Implications – Amy E. Vinson, MD

Specific Surgeries

  • Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia – James A. DiNardo, MD
  • Anesthesia for Major Orthopedic Surgery in Children – Laura Downey, MD
  • Anesthesia for Craniofacial Procedures – John E. Fiadjoe, MD
  • Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery in Children – Gregory B. Hammer, MD
  • Anesthesia for Abdominal/Urogenital Surgery in Children – Jerrold Lerman, MD, FRCPC, FANZCA
  • Pediatric Trauma: Head, Neck, and Abdominal – James Peyton, MBChB, MRCP, FRCA
  • Pediatric Trauma: Orthopedic, Spine, Chest – James Peyton, MBChB, MRCP, FRCA
  • Pediatric Neuroanesthesia – Sulpicio G. Soriano II, MD

Perioperative Care of Children

  • Pediatric Chronic Pain Management – Charles B. Berde, MD, PhD
  • The Pediatric Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU – Richard H. Blum, MD, MSE, FAAP
  • Regional Anesthesia in Children – Karen R. Boretsky, MD
  • Resuscitation of Pediatric Patients – Monica E. Kleinman, MD
  • Anesthesia for Diagnostic Imaging – Mary F. Landrigan-Ossar, MD, PhD
  • Anesthesia for Interventional Radiologic Procedures – Mary F. Landrigan-Ossar, MD, PhD

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Outline increased knowledge regarding preoperative evaluation and preparation for pediatric patients undergoing procedures requiring sedation and general anesthesia
  • Describe specific considerations for providing anesthesia, pain management, or sedation for pediatric populations of varying ages and levels of neurocognitive development
  • Discuss the relevant aspects of perioperative and anesthetic management of children for a variety of different surgeries
  • Formulate plans for sedation of general anesthesia for children and infants during out-of-OR procedures, such as imaging or procedures performed in the interventional radiology suite
  • Summarize appropriate resuscitation procedures
  • Practice efficient and thorough postoperative care
  • Identify ethical issues in the care of pediatric anesthesia patients in a variety of settings
Reviewed for Re-release: January 31, 2017
Date of Original Release: December 1, 2013
Date of Credit Termination: January 31, 2020
Estimated Time to Complete: 24.5 hours

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