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75 Videos + 1 PDF
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75 Videos + 1 PDF
File Size = 36.60 GB

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Cleveland Clinic Intensive Review of Internal Medicine covers current concepts and board-related issues using an organ system approach with an emphasis on relevant clinical information. This online video CME program includes lectures recorded during the 34th annual symposium and supplemented by board review sessions that integrate relevant cases, pathology, and imaging studies.

Throughout the 70+ sessions, Cleveland Clinic faculty — renowned in their fields of interest — present clinical case-based discussions and board simulations based on the ABIM exam blueprint. You get CME that’s ideal for earning valuable credits or MOC points while prepping for certification/recertification.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Acquire enhanced test-taking skills using an interactive system of board simulation
  • Assess areas of relative personal strength in internal medicine
  • Review advances in internal medicine and discuss their clinical implications
  • Review essential concepts to prepare for the Internal Medicine Board Certification Examination

Intended Audience

  • Physicians preparing for Internal Medicine Board Certification or recertification.
  • Physicians, residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other healthcare professionals desiring a review of state-of the-art developments in internal medicine.


Strategies for Taking the Boards – Rendell Ashton, MD


Board Simulation in Cardiology I – Vidyasagar Kalahasti, MD

STEMI – Claire Raphael, MD

Unstable Angina and Non-ST-Segment and Elevation Myocardial Infarction (NSTEMI) – Grant Reed, MD

Management of Stable Coronary Artery Disease – Khaled Ziada, MD

Preoperative Cardiac Risk Assessment – Ajay Bhargava, MD

Coronary Artery Disease Risk Assessment and Prevention Dyslipidemia – Luke Laffin, MD

ECG Interpretation – A Case-Based Review – Michael Faulx, MD

Infectious Diseases and Biostatistics

Board Simulation in Biostatistics – Amy Nowacki, PhD

HIV and Antiretroviral Drugs – Andrea Pallotta, PharmD

AIDS and Opportunistic Infections – Marisa Tungsiripat, MD

Common Ambulatory Infections – Sherif Mossad, MD

Endocarditis and Vascular Device Infections – Steven Gordon, MD

Neurologic Infections – Ryan Miller, DO

Board Simulation in Infectious Disease – Eric Cober, MD

Selection and Management of Antimicrobial Therapy – Anita Modi, MD

Skin Infections and Mimics – Jessica Lum, MD

Mycobacterial Infections – Lucileia Johnson, MD

Sexually Transmitted Infections – Kristin Englund, MD


Board Simulation in General Rheumatology – Soumya Chatterjee, MD

Approach to Acute Arthritis – Soumya Chatterjee, MD

Chronic Arthritis – Diagnosis and Treatment – Matthew Bunyard, MD

Systemic Autoimmune Disorders – Alexandra Villa-Forte, MD

Systemic Vasculitis – Carol Langford, MD

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Board Simulation in Pulmonary Medicine – Rendell Ashton, MD

Interstitial Lung Disease – Joseph Parambil, MD

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism – Marcelo Gomes, MD

COPD – Mohammed Al-Jaghbeer, MD

Asthma – Mani Latifi, MD

Occupational Medicine – Maeve MacMurdo, MD

Pleural Disease – Atul C. Mehta, MD

Board Simulation in Critical Care Medicine – Abhijit Duggal, MD

Lung Cancer – Humberto Choi, MD


Diabetes Mellitus – Mini-Board Simulation – Robert Zimmerman, MD

Androgenic and Reproductive Disorders – Vinni Makin, MD

Hyper and Hypocalcemia and Osteoporosis Evaluation and Treatment – Mario Skugor, MD

Thyroid Disorders – Mary Vouyiouklis Kellis, MD

Pituitary Disorders – Mini-Board Simulation – Divya Yogi-Morren, MD

Adrenal Disorders – Mini-Board Simulation – Leann Olansky, MD

Endocrinology – Mini-Board Simulation – Adi Mehta, MD


Esophageal Diseases – Prashanthi Thota, MD

Colon Cancer – Carole Macaron, MD

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Benjamin Cohen, MD

Diarrhea and Malabsorption – Claire Jansson-Knodell, MD

Pancreatic Diseases – Hassan Siddiki, MD

Board Simulation in Gastroenterology – Ari Garber, MD

Board Simulation in Hepatology – Robert O’Shea, MD

Liver Diseases – Robert O’Shea, MD

Hematology and Medical Oncology

Genitourinary Malignancies – Female – Mariam AlHilli, MD

Breast Cancer – G. Thomas Budd, MD

Anemias – Dana Angelini, MD

Lymphomas – Deepa Jagadeesh, MD

Leukemias – Hetty Carraway, MD

Palliative Medicine – Katherine Eilenfeld, DO

Oncologic Emergencies – Jessica Geiger, MD

Genitourinary Malignancies – Male – Christopher Wee, MD

Nephrology and Hypertension

Critical Fluid and Electrolyte Abnormalities in Clinical Practice – Georges Nakhoul, MD

Acute Kidney Injury – Diagnosis and Treatment – Diana Deitzer, DO

Hallmarks of Essential and Secondary Hypertension – George Thomas, MD

Acid-Based Disorders in Medicine – Jagmeet Dhingra, MD

Chronic Kidney Disease – Assessment and Treatment – Ali Mehdi, MD, MEd

Board Simulation in Nephrology – James F. Simon, MD


Atrial Fibrillation and Other Supra Ventricular Tachycardias – Mohamed Kanj, MD

Ventricular Tachycardia and Sudden Cardiac Death – Thomas Dresing, MD

Heart Failure – Chonyang Albert, MD

Cardiomyopathies – Sean Bhattacharya, MD

Aortic Valve Stenosis and Regurgitation – Vidyasagar Kalahasti, MD

Mitral Valve Stenosis and Regurgitation – Patrick Collier, MD, PhD

Board Simulation in Cardiology II – Vidyasagar Kalahasti, MD

Other Sub-Specialty Topics

Board Simulation in Geriatrics – Ronan Factora, MD

Board Simulation in Neurology – Benjamin Claytor, MD

Board Simulation in Dermatology – Christine Warren, MD

Board Simulation in Hematology/Oncology – Megan Kruse, MD

Board Simulation in Hematology – Cellular Morphology – Karl S. Theil, MD

Board Simulation in Women’s Health & Health Screening – Pelin Batur, MD

Date of Original Release: August 1, 2022
Estimated Time to Complete: 44.75 hours

Covered Specialties and Categories:

Cleveland Clinic Intensive Review of Internal Medicine 2022, Internal Medicine, Oakstone, simple

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General Detail about CME Courses:

CME (continuing medical education) Courses are one the of the options for kownledge improvement and update. also you can use them to get best performance on your board exam.

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