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1150 Video Files (.mp4 format) + 1181 Sound Files (.mp3) + 993 PDF

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Annual Meeting On Demand is the comprehensive digital library of content with more than 500 hours of presentations from the 2019 AAN Annual Meeting program. Watch presenters’ slides while listening to fully synchronized audio as if you were actually attending each session.

This comprehensive, CME-accredited digital library offers:

  • 500+ hours¹ of online access to live presentations, including syllabi for 200+ programs
  • Integrated online CME testing
  • An intuitive search that filters down to the specific sessions containing your search terms
  • Downloadable PDFs of presentation slides and syllabi summaries²
  • Downloadable audio files for listening to any (or all) lectures while on the go

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for each session are available by clicking the View Details button for each CME-accredited session. CME Info for each session will be automatically displayed before viewing a CME-eligible session.

Date Of Release

May 5, 2019. This program is eligible for CME credits until March 31, 2021.



Aging, Dementia, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neurology

C1: What Do I Do Now?: Assessment and Management of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Neurocognitive Disorders
C13: Clinicopathological Correlation Session in Dementia
C32: The Neurology of Social Behavior
C37: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Update
C60: Assessment of Rapidly Progressive Dementias I: Prion and Non-prion Neurodegenerative Diseases
C76: Assessment of Rapidly Progressive Dementias II: Infections and Autoimmune Mediated Conditions
C78: Young Onset and Atypical Alzheimer’s Dementia
C88: Mild Cognitive Impairment: Implications for Clinicians
C106: Cognitive Impairment Due to Alzheimer’s Disease: Using Old Skills and New Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment
C122: Neurocognitive Assessment for Neurologists
C132: Frontotemporal Dementias
C151: Lewy Body Dementias
C166: Neuroimaging Biomarkers Across the Dementia Spectrum
C176: Behavioral Neurology I: Network Anatomy of Behavior and Language
C193: Behavioral Neurology II: Memory and Attention
C206: Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: Current Status and Future
C242: Case Studies: Dementia
C252: Update in Aging and Dementia
C255: Education Blitz: Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
S9: Aging and Dementia: Clinical Trials and Novel Therapies
S13: Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology: Behavioral Neurology, Aging, and Dementia
S34: Aging and Dementia: Risk Factors, Biomarkers and Neuropathology

Autoimmune Neurology

C7: Clinical Pearls in Autoimmune Neurology: Real World Cases
C142: Autoimmune Neurology I Basics and Beyond: Autoimmune Encephalitis and Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes of the CNS and PNS
C226: Neuro-rheumatology: Neurological Manifestations of Systemic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease I
C236: Neuro-rheumatology: Neurological Manifestations of Systemic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease II
C257: Education Blitz: Evolution of Autoimmune Neurology
N6: Neuroscience in the Clinic: The Brain Across the Menstrual Cycle
S11: Autoimmune CNS Inflammatory Disorders: Clinical Advances
S21: Autoimmune Neurology: Novel Diagnostic and Predictive Biomarkers and Immunopathologic Mechanisms of Disease
S43: Immunotherapies and Drug Trials in Autoimmune Neurological Disorders

Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology

C16: Cerebrovascular Disease I: Prevention
C27: Cerebrovascular Disease II: Update on Guidance-Based Diagnosis and Management of Hemorrhagic Stroke
C50: Cerebrovascular Disease III: Update on Neuroimaging Modalities and Endovascular Therapies for Acute Ischemic Stroke
C68: Cerebrovascular Disease IV: Telestroke
C82: Stroke in Young Adults and Women
C124: Endovascular Treatment of Acute Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
C135: Case Studies: Challenging Acute Ischemic Stroke Cases
C164: Update on Medical Management of Stroke
C165: Current Management of Incidental and Asymptomatic Cerebrovascular Lesions
C245: Controversies in Stroke Treatment and Prevention
S15: Intracerebral Hemorrhage and SAH
S22: Stroke Genetics, Cellular Responses, and Animal Models
S35: Stroke Prevention Strategies
S40: Stroke Risk Factors and Epidemiology
S47: Stroke Outcomes and Recurrence
S52: Acute Non-Interventional Stroke Care
S57: Acute Treatment and Imaging of Ischemic Stroke

Child Neurology and Developmental Neurology

C14: Child Neurology: Headache
C40: Child Neurology: Stroke
C92: Autism Spectrum Disorders What We Know and Where We Are Going
C123: Child Neurology: Genetic and Metabolic Testing in Pediatric Epilepsy
C161: Child Neurology: Metabolic
C171: Child Neurology: Neuromuscular/Autoimmune Neurology
C214: Child Neurology: A Case-based Approach
C254: Education Blitz: Child Neurology: Concussion
S19: Child Neurology: Updates in Autism, Migraine, MS and Stroke
S25: Child Neurology: Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Treatments and Outcomes

Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG)

C3: Clinical EEG: Normal EEG, Normal Variants, and How to Avoid The Common Pitfall of Over-reading
C15: Clinical EEG: Focal, Diffuse, and Epileptiform Abnormalities in Adults
C26: Clinical EEG: Neonatal and Pediatric
C45: Status Epilepticus
C80: Epileptologists’ Secrets for the Busy General Neurologist: Localization, Imaging, and Fear of Surgery
C90: Clinical Epilepsy I: Basics
C108: Clinical Epilepsy II: Considerations Across the Age Span: Pediatrics, Pregnancy, and Elderly
C133: Clinical Epilepsy III: Advanced (Status, Beyond AED, Video EEG)
C152: Clinical Epilepsy IV: Surgery
C170: Video EEG: Name That Spell
C218: Critical Care EEG Monitoring
C232: Women With Epilepsy (WWE): Beyond Seizure Control
C244: Acute and Chronic Clinical Epilepsy Update Explained in 6 Cases
C250: Update in Epilepsy
N5: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Wearable Technology
S3: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG) I
S36: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG) II
S48: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG) III

General Neurology

C8: Cognitive Psychology of Neurologic Errors: Why Do Neurologists Make Errors?
C20: Neurologic Complications of Medical Disease
C30: Neurologic Complications of Medical and Surgical Therapies
C31: Mitochondrial Disorders in Neurology
C33: Teleneurología (Teleneurology)
C49: Neurology Update I: Multiple Sclerosis, Sleep, and Neuromuscular Disease
C52: Introduction to Integrative Neurology
C57: Drugs and Toxin-induced Neurologic Emergencies
C67: Neurology Update II: Behavioral Neurology, Movement Disorders, and Neuro-ophthalmology
C74: CNS Toxicities
C91: Neurology Update III: Headache, Neuro-otology, and Epilepsy
C97: Neuroendocrine Update: Nuts and Bolts of What You Need to Know
C109: Neurology Update IV: Stroke, Neuro-infectious Disease, and Autoimmune Encephalopathies
C115: Emerging Approaches to Biosensing for the Diagnosis and Management of Neurological Disease
C116: LGBTQI Health in Neurology
C134: Continuum® Test Your Knowledge: A Multiple-choice Question Review I
C136: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist I: Brain
C144: Actualización científica I (Scientific Update I – Spanish)
C149: Clinical Neurology for Advanced Practice Providers
C153: Continuum® Test Your Knowledge: A Multiple-choice Question Review II
C154: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist II: Brain
C160: Autoimmune Neurology II Advanced: Autoimmune Encephalitis at the Frontiers of Neuroscience
C163: Creating a Roadmap for a Diverse Workforce in Academic Neurology
C172: Advances in Neurogenetics
C178: Therapy in Neurology I: Neurological Infectious Diseases and Neuro-oncology
C182: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist: Spine
C195: Therapy in Neurology II: Neurocritical Care and Neuromuscular Disease
C199: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist: Peripheral Nerve
C200: Neurologic Case Studies in Pregnancy
C212: Principles of Genomic Medicine: Clinical Exome Sequencing in Neurologic Disease
C219: Therapy in Neurology III: Epilepsy and Headache
C221: Functional Neurologic Disorders I: Movement, Seizures, and Multiple Sclerosis
C222: Good Neurology in Challenging Conditions: Lessons from Military Neurology
C223: United We Stand: Enhancing Your Practice with APPs
C225: Actualización científica II (Scientific Update II)
C227: Genomic Neurology: Developing Practical Knowledge of Tools and Concepts Through Case Studies
C230: Disparities in Care
C233: Therapy in Neurology IV: Movement Disorders and Stroke
C235: Functional Neurologic Disorders II: Life Experiences and Management of Functional Disorders
C239: Case Studies: Test Your Knowledge: A Case-based Approach to Neuroimaging
C249: Clinical Pearls: Learning from Complex Cases Simple Lessons that Apply to Everyday Problems
S1: Neuroepidemiology
S27: General Neurology: Improving Neurologic Care and The Impact of Neurotherapeutics
S32: General Neurology: Advances in Neurology: From the Clinic to the Bench
PL1: Hot Topics Plenary Session
PL2: Presidential Plenary Session
PL3: Contemporary Clinical Issues Plenary Session
PL4: Clinical Trials Plenary Session
PL5: Frontiers in Neuroscience Plenary Session
PL6: Controversies in Neurology Plenary Session
PL7: Neurology Year in Review Plenary Session

Global Health

C114: The Global Burden of Neurologic Diseases
S7: Global Health


C46: Actualización en dolor de cabeza y trastornos neuromusculares (Update: Headache and Neuromuscular Disorder)
C53: Introduction to Primary Headache Disorders: Migraine and Other Primary Headaches Including Tension-Type, Hypnic, Primary Stabbing and Nummular Headache Syndromes, Epicrania Fugax and Retinal Migraine
C70: Introduction to Primary Headache Disorders: Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias and Other Primary Headaches Including New Daily Persistent Headache, Cough, Exercise, and Thunderclap Headaches
C138: Hot Topics in Headaches and Related Disorders I: Unusual Headaches, Childhood Headaches, and Concussion Management
C156: Hot Topics in Headaches and Related Disorders II: Migraine Pathophysiology, Brain Imaging, and Therapeutic Advances
C187: Comprehensive Migraine Update I: Migraine Diagnosis, Pathophysiology, and Comorbidities
C203: Comprehensive Migraine Update II: Pharmacologic and Non-Pharmacologic Therapies
C210: Low and High Pressure Headache: Clinical Presentation and Approach to Evaluation and Management
C241: Case Studies: Challenging Headache Cases
C247: What Do I Do Now?: Emergency and Inpatient Management of Migraine and Other Headache Disorders
S17: Headache: Clinical Trials I
S20: Headache Imaging and Physiology and Episodic Syndromes Associated with Migraine
S38: Headache: Clinical Trials II
S59: Migraine: Impact, Treatment Patterns and Resource Utilization

Infectious Disease

C21: Tick-based Infections
C38: Infections of the Nervous System I: Diagnostic Testing of Neurological Infections
C48: Infections of the Nervous System II: Neuro-ID Emergencies
C66: Infections of the Nervous System III: Advanced Topics in Infectious Neurology
C79: Differential Diagnosis of Neurologic Infections
C89: Tuberculosis of the Central Nervous System
C256: Education Blitz: Emerging Infectious Diseases of the Central Nervous System
S29: NeuroHIV: Pathophysiology and Clinical Phenotypes
S45: Neuroinfectious Disease: Treatments, Diagnostics, and Outcomes

Movement Disorders

C6: Therapy of Movement Disorders: A Case-based Approach
C18: Cerebellar and Afferent Ataxias: Diagnosis and Management
C34: Evaluating Tremor in the Office
C42: The Dystonias: Diagnosis, Treatment and Update on Etiologies
C51: Balance and Gait Disorders
C83: Diagnosis and Treatment of Functional Movement Disorders
C93: Paroxysmal Movement Disorders
C117: Tourette Syndrome: Assessment and Management
C127: Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders: Videodiagnosis and Treatment
C137: Deep Brain Stimulation I: Basic Principles and Programming in Movement Disorders
C155: Deep Brain Stimulation II: Advanced Management in Movement Disorders and Applications Beyond Movement Disorders
C168: Parkinson’s Disease Update
C179: Nonmotor Manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease I
C185: Actualización en trastornos del movimiento (Update in Movement Disorders)
C196: Nonmotor Manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease II
C209: Movement Disorders for the General Neurologist I: New Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Parkinson’s Disease
C220: Movement Disorders for the General Neurologist II: Tremor, Drug-induced Movement Disorders, RLS, and Ataxia
C234: Movement Disorders for the General Neurologist III: Chorea, Dystonia, Myoclonus, Stereotypies, and Tics
C246: Hot Topics and Controversies in Parkinson’s Disease
C253: Update in Movement Disorders
N1: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Child Neurology: Movement Disorders: Transition from Child to Adult
N3: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Stem Cells
S4: Clinical Trials in Movement Disorders
S10: Biomarkers in Movement Disorders
S16: Huntington’s Disease: From Bench to Clinical Trials
S41: Imaging in Movement Disorders
S53: Movement Disorders: Genetics and Clinical Features

MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease

C19: Multiple Sclerosis Overview I: Clinical Pearls
C29: Multiple Sclerosis Overview II: Clinical Advances
C44: Multiple Sclerosis Therapy: Symptom Management
C56: Multiple Sclerosis Therapy: Disease-modifying Treatment I
C86: Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders
C100: Esclerosis Múltiple y Otras Enfermedades Inflamatorias Desmielinizantes y Autoinmunes del Sistema Nervioso Central (MS and Other Demyelinating Inflammatory and Autoimmune Central Nervous System Disorders)
C130: Diagnostic Pearls in Myelitis: a Case-based Approach
C258: Education Blitz: Multiple Sclerosis
N4: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Immunotherapies in Neurological Disease
S6: MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease: Clinical Considerations I
S12: Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
S26: MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease: Clinical Considerations II
S31: MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease: Imaging
S37: MS Biomarkers
S49: MS Epidemiology and Risk Stratification
S55: MS Basic Science
S56: MS Trials and Treatment

Neuro Trauma, Critical Care, and Sports Neurology

C59: Cuidados Neurocríticos (Neurocritical Care)
C95: Concussion: Topics in Acute Concussion
C113: Concussion: Chronic Symptoms — Selected Considerations for Why Your Patient May Not be Getting Better
C119: Actualización en lesión cerebral traumática e ictus isquémico (Update: TBI and Stroke)
C129: Critical Care Consultations for Neurohospitalists
C140: Sports Neurology: Enhancing Athletic Performance
C158: Sports Concussion: Event Coverage Foundational Skills and Sport Specific Pearls
C169: Neurological Intensive Care I: The Essentials
C180: Neurological Intensive Care II: Acute Brain and Spinal Cord Injury and Acute Neuromuscular Dysfunction
C197: Neurological Intensive Care III: Vascular Diseases
C207: Emergency Neurology: Evaluation of Coma, Meningitis, and Viral Encephalitis in the Emergency Room
C238: Case Studies in the ICU
S2: Neurocritical Care

Neuromuscular and Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG)

C12: Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease I: Role of Antibodies, Muscle Imaging, and Genetic Testing
C25: Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease II: Inflammatory Myopathies and Muscle Pathology
C36: Mastering EMG Waveform Recognition Skills in Just Two Hours!
C47: Evaluation and Management of Autonomic Disorders I: Autonomic Testing, Failure, and Peripheral Neuropathies
C65: Evaluation and Management of Autonomic Disorders II: Diagnostic Approach and Treatments for Dysautonomia
C101: Clinical EMG I: Principles and Practice of NCS and Needle EMG
C120: Clinical EMG II: Case-based Clinical Applications of Nerve Conduction Studies and Needle Electromyography
C121: Clinical EMG III: Nerve Conduction Criteria and Electrodiagnostic Approaches
C131: Small Fiber Neuropathies: Sensory, Autonomic, and Both I: Focus on Autonomic Nervous System
C150: Small Fiber Neuropathies: Sensory, Autonomic, and Both II: Focus on Sensory Nervous System
C175: Neuromuscular Junction Disorders I: Myasthenia Gravis, Ocular, and MuSK Myasthenia
C192: Neuromuscular Junction Disorders II: Toxins, Lambert-Eaton Syndrome and Less Common Disorders of Neuromuscular Transmission
C215: Peripheral Neuropathy II: Update on Diabetic, Immune Axonal, and Hematologic-related Neuropathies
C229: Peripheral Neuropathy III: Genetic Neuropathies: Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment Perspectives
C237: Case Studies: Diagnosis and Management of Unusual Cases in Neuromuscular Disease
C243: Therapy of Neuromuscular Disease: ALS, Inflammatory Neuropathies and Myopathies, and Myasthenia Gravis
N2: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Interpretations of Genetic Results
S5: Therapeutics in ALS and SMA
S18: Autonomic Disorders
S23: Genetic Muscle Disorders
S42: Neuromuscular Disorders
S54: Motor Neuron Disease
S58: Therapeutics in Neuromuscular Disorders


C5: What Do I Do Now?: Neurologic Consultations in Cancer Patients I
C17: What Do I Do Now?: Neurologic Consultations in Cancer Patients II
C41: Neuro-oncology in 2019: Navigating Current Trends
C69: The Palliative Care Guide in Neurology: Best Practice in Communication, Advance Care Planning, and End-of-life Care of Patients with Brain Tumors and Other Life-limiting Neurological Disorders
C81: Core Principles of Brain Tumors
C110: Adult and Pediatric Neuro-Oncology for the Neurohospitalist
S14: Translational and Clinical Advances in Neuro-oncology
S30: Brain Cancer: From Epidemiology to Quality of Life


C4: Pediatric Neuro-ophthalmology Update
C54: Neuro-otology: The Common Peripheral Vestibular Disorders
C71: Neuro-otology: Diagnosis and Treatment of Nuanced Causes of Dizziness
C107: Emergency Room Neuro-ophthalmology
C139: Eye Movement Disorders: A Systematic Approach to the Evaluation of Diplopia
C174: Neuro-ophthalmology I: Visual Loss, Optic Neuropathies, and Papilledema
C188: Neuro-ophthalmology II: Optic Neuritis, Visual Fields, and Anisocoria
C204: Neuro-ophthalmology III: Diplopia, Ocular Motility Disorders, and Nystagmus
C211: Nystagmus and Saccadic Intrusions Made Simple
C216: Higher Cortical Visual Disorders: Case-based Review
C251: Neuro-ophthalmology: Overview and Update
S28: Neuro-Ophthalmology/Neuro-Otology


C85: Severe TBI: From ICU to Rehabilitation
C96: Everything You Need to Know to Practice Neuro-rehabilitation
C112: Myelopathies: Recognizing and Evaluating Myelopathic Patients for Inflammatory and Vascular Causes
C128: Neck Pain, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Cervical Radiculopathy, and Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
C141: Rehabilitation in Neurology
C157: Evaluation and Treatment of Common Spine Disorders
S33: Neuro-rehabilitation: Brain and Neuromuscular Recovery

Pain and Palliative Care

C77: Addiction
C167: Lumbar Radiculopathy, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Low Back Pain, and Failed Back Syndrome
C177: Maximizing Quality of Life in Stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dementia: A Palliative Approach
C217: Core Concepts in Pain Management: Refractory Neuropathic Pain Practical Pharmacologics, Advances in Neuromodulation, and a Balanced Look at Cannabinoids
C231: Safe and Appropriate Opioid Prescribing in Neurology

Practice, Policy, and Ethics

C43: Residents in Private Practice
C58: Business Strategies for Payer Negotiations and/or How to Go off the Grid
C75: How to Run a Practice: Business Strategies for Neurology Private Practices and the Future
C99: Starting a Practice From the Ground Up: A Guide for Early Career Neurologists
C118: How to Understand and Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Clinical Practice
C162: Coding 101: E&M, Basic Procedures, Non Face-to-Face, and New Codes
C184: Business Efficiencies for Academic Neurology Departments: Business Strategies for Success
C201: Academic Neurology Departments 2020 and Beyond: Succeeding in the Tripartite Mission
C208: Contemporary Concerns About Brain Death Determination
C224: Burnout and Resilience: Strategies and Evidence for Enhancing Wellbeing
C265: Using the Neurology Compensation and Productivity Survey in the Academic Setting
S50: Practice, Policy and Ethics

Research Methodology, Education, and History

C9: Clerkship and Program Directors Conference: Let’s Build an Educational Scholarly Product
C22: Resident Basic Science I: Neuropathology
C39: How to Design Meaningful Clinical Trials
C63: Resident Basic Science II: Neuropharmacology
C98: Faculty Development: Enhancing Your Role in Student and Resident Training
C103: Resident Basic Science III: Neuroanatomy: All the Lesions
C104: Research Career Symposium
C143: Education Research Methodology Course
C159: Mid-Level Faculty Career Development Course
C183: Reading, Critiquing, and Reviewing the Neurologic Literature: An Evidence-based Approach and Case-based Presentation of Peer Reviews in Neurology
C186: Women Founders of Neurology and Neuroscience I
C202: Women Founders of Neurology and Neuroscience II
C262: Choosing, Training, Forging, and Mentoring Chief Residents: Program Coordinator Role
C263: Access: Strategies to Improve Access in Academic Medicine
S39: Education Research and Research Methodology
S44: History of Neurology


C2: Using Sleep Medicine to Help Solve Difficult Neurologic Cases
C28: Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Neurology Populations: From Lab to Clinic
C55: Sleep for the Practicing Neurologist: Is it Narcolepsy or Something Else? Diagnostic and Management Challenges in the Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence
C72: Disordered Sleep in Common Neurologic Diseases: Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, and Parkinson’s Disease
C84: Approaching the Management of Common Sleep Disorders: Case-based Review for the Non-sleep Specialist
C111: Sleep for Resiliency, Recovery and Performance
C125: Circadian Rhythm Disorders: Implications for Neurology
C198: Integrating Sleep Medicine Concepts into Your Child Neurology Practice
C259: Education Blitz: Sleep
S46: Sleep Science and Therapy Updates



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