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124 Video Files (.mp4 format) + 1 PDF File

Overview – Topics/Speakers:

Annual Meeting Attendees

New this year – registered attendees will receive access to all available sessions for the days they were registered. To earn CE/CME credits for sessions not attended at the meeting, registered attendees must have added the Annual Meeting On-Demand package to their registration or you will be able to pay per session or purchase a package to earn CE/CME credits through the Annual Meeting On-Demand Store. Access to your sessions is available in the “My Learning Programs” section of the AABB Education Platform or you can also access and view via the Annual Meeting On-Demand Store. You must be logged in using your AABB username and password to view your sessions.

Non-Annual Meeting Attendees

Registration for the 2019 Annual Meeting On-Demand program is available via the Annual Meeting On-Demand Store. Registration packages include all sessions (best value!), pre-meeting workshops, CT only sessions, SAM only sessions or you will be able to pay per session to access and earn CE/CME credit. Immediate access is available upon purchase and content is available through December 31, 2021.

Access Information

On-Demand presentations are available on the AABB Education Platform. Your purchase provides access through December 31, 2021 for one individual. Continuing education credit is offered only for the individual that purchased the on-demand program. Group Viewing for CE/CME credits is not available.

Please note: On-Demand presentations do not include opening and closing sessions, industry workshops or sessions where all of the speakers did not consent to be recorded. Presentations are available at the discretion of the speakers and subject to change without notice.


FR1-01 AABB-THOR Workshop on Hemorrhagic Shock Therapies
FR1-03 Manufacturing Cellular Therapies Challenges, Solutions and Creating Synergy for Success
MN1-01 Evidence Based Approach to Newer Coagulation Products Andexanet (anti-Xa agent reversal)
MN1-02 Can Platelet Availability and Safety be Improved By Using Paid Donors and Pathogen Reduction Technologies
MN1-03 Recent Advances on the Role of Complement in Adaptive Immunity
MN1-04 What is New with Reimbursement and Coding for Blood Products, Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapies
MN1-05 The Coopetition Advantage The Case for Cooperation between Competing Companies
MN1-06 Navigating the Challenges of Monoclonal Antibodies and Transfusion Therapy
MN1-07 You Too Can be a Superhero Internal Audits to the Rescue
MN1-09 Evidence-Based Apheresis Treatment Guidelines and ASFA Choosing Wisely Best Practice Recommendations
MN1-10 BB SBB Exam Review 2019
MN2-11 Ask the FDA and CMS
MN2-12 Improving Patient Outcomes through Implementation of a Preoperative Anemia Program A How-to Guide
MN2-13 The Un Usual Suspects Out of the Ordinary Transfusion Reactions
MN2-14 Gene Editing Technologies and Their Practical Applications for Cellular Therapies
MN2-15 Oral Abstract Session Transfusion Medicine Surveying Practices and Trends
MN2-16 Technical Challenges in Pediatric Apheresis Priming, Anticoagulation and Electrolyte Replacement
MN2-17 From Transfusions to Thrombosis Is There a Link
MN2-18 Hemostasis on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Therapy
MN2-19 2019 Hemphill-Jordan Leadership Award and Lectureship
MN2-20 Information Technology Validation and Beyond
MN3-21 Prothrombin Complex, Fibrinogen,and FXIII Concentrate Use in Non-Hemophilia Patients What is Happening Around the World
MN3-22 Red Cell Exchanges for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease Automated RBC Exchange, Depletion-Exchange
MN3-23 So You Think You have Found a New Allele
MN3-24 Test Your Blood Bank Knowledge 2019 Blood Bank Game of Games
MN3-26 Proficiency Testing The Who, What, When, and Why
MN3-27 Revolutionizing Cellular Therapy (AABB NMDP Joint Session)
MN3-29 Gender Identification Challenges and Blood Donation Education, Regulation and Experience
MN3-30 Burned out in Transfusion Medicine How to Keep Cool and Carry on
MN3-31 Current Update on Next Generation Blood Products for Treatment of Mass Casualty, Military
NBF CORD Summit (Council on Research and Development) – Learning from the Past to Shape the Future
SN1-01 Trasplante De Celulas Progenitoras Hematopoyéticas Para El Paciente Hispano Avances y Retos Para Encontrar
SN1-02 Blood Bank Mythbusters
SN1-03 Under the Hood of the CAR Progress, Practical Considerations, and Product Quality Aspects of CAR-T Cell Development
SN1-04 From Research to Action Implementation of Different Strategies to Mitigate for Donor Iron Deficiency
SN1-05 Blood Centers and Cellular Therapy Time to Tango
SN1-07 Liver Transplantation – Blood Product Utilization and Perioperative Therapies

SN1-08 The Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA An overview of regulatory review, research, and policy activities
SN1-11 2019 Emily Cooley and Tibor Greenwalt Memorial Awards and Lectureships
SN2-11 Wizardry School of Antigens and Antibodie
SN2-12 Picture This Instances and Images from Transfusion Medicine (and History) Illustrated
SN2-13 An Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, and a Glimpse into the Future
SN2-15 Oral Abstract Session Molecular and Other Testing New Alleles, Antigens and Methods.mp4
SN2-16 Oral Abstract Session Novel Information on Predictors and Outcomes in Transfusion Medicine
SN2-17 Chronic Work-Related Stress and Burnout The High Cost of Ignoring Stress in the Workplace
SN2-18 Rompecabeza De Casos Clinicos Que No Siguen Las Caracteristicas Reportada En La Literatura
SN2-20 Basics of HLA for Apheresis Practitioners
SN3-21 Cellular Therapies (CT) Sizzling Topics Luncheon – Create A Spark- Discussion on Current Cellular Therapy Topics
SN4-22 Antibody Mediated Disease in the Fetus and Neonate, What Transfusion Medicine Specialists and Obstetricians Need to Know
SN4-23 AABB Meet AI BB Artificial Intelligence and Systems Biology in Transfusion Medicine
SN4-24 To Tell the Truth FDA Reportable or Not
SN4-25 Recent Studies from the Pediatric Critical Care Blood Research Network (BloodNet)
SN4-26 Current Challenges Facing Transfusion Medicine Leadership
SN4-27 Mechanisms and Treatment for Hyper Hemolysis in Sickle Cell Disease
SN4-28 FDA Recommendations You Love to Hate An Update on Babesia Testing and Bacterial Risk Control Strategies
SN4-29 Transfusion Medicine Informatics for Patient Blood Management
SN4-30 2019 Sally Frank Memorial Award and Lectureship
SN4-31 Flipped Classroom in Action See One, Do One, Go out and Teach One
SN5-32 What Is Standard of Care for Transfusing Cancer Patients Comparing Practices Among Leading Cancer Centers
SN5-33 Research and Progress (RAP) Session A Whole New World If Whole Blood is the New Transfusion Therapy
SN5-34 Research and Progress (RAP) Session The Role of Viscoelastic Testing in Bleeding Patients Precision Transfusion Therapy
SN5-35 Transfusion Medicine, Hemostasis, Apheresis, and Cellular Therapy Review Session for Trainees
SN5-36 Oral Abstract Session New Innovations, New Techniques and New Technologies
SN5-37 Oral Abstract Session Blood Component Innovation
SN5-38 Great Expectations for High-Resolution HLA Genotyping By Second- and Third-Generation Sequencing
SN5-39 CT Research and Progress (RAP) Session Natural Killer Cell Generation and Novel Application
ST1-01 Hear Ye Hear Ye Debate on the Big Topics in Blood Use in Trauma Resuscitation.
ST1-02 Red Blood Cell Storage The Oxygen Paradox
ST1-04 Paternity Testing _ Human Identification How methods developed for blood banking led to advances
ST1-05 How Severe Is This Donor Reaction International Validation of a Severity Grading Tool-Putting It into Practice
ST1-06 Understanding Human Error for Improved Transfusion Safety
ST1-07 Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) Transforming Policies Around the Globe.
ST1-08 Developing a Training Program for Future Cellular Therapy Professionals

ST1-09 Bioprinting Translational Pathway to the Clinic (AABB TERMIS-AM Joint Session)
ST1-10 Practical Considerations in Directing an Apheresis Service
ST2-11 Ask the Standards
ST2-12 A Practical Approach to Designing an Emergency Transport Transfusion Program
ST2-13 The Role of Transfusion Safety Officers Tackling and Supporting Patient Blood Management
ST2-14 Practical Hemostasis in Transfusion Medicine Applications of Point-of-Care Testing and Coagulation Assays
ST2-15 Oral Abstract Session Infectious Disease
ST2-16 Oral Abstract Session Donor Collection Issues
ST2-17 Clinical Applications for Adipose-Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (AABB IFATS Joint Session)
ST2-18 Leadership Pearls of the Laboratory Discovering, Engaging, and Maintaining Laboratory Leaders
ST2-19 Emerging Technologies in Continuous Cell Separation for Cellular Therapy and Sickle Cell Disease
ST2-20 Emergency Event Planning in the Transfusion Service
ST3-21 Therapeutic Apheresis in Hyperviscosity Syndromes Evidence, Practical Consideration, Limitations, and Alternatives
ST3-22 NBF Grant Recipients Lecture and Luncheon
ST4-24 Graft Engineering for Cell-Based Therapies Before and Beyond CAR T Cells
ST4-25 Evidence Based Guidelines Toward Optimizing and Standardizing Transfusion Care
ST4-27 AABB Standards and Accreditation in Plain English
ST4-28 Oral Abstract Session New Concepts in Transfusion-Mediated Immunization and Inflammation
ST4-29 Oral Abstract Session Red Blood Cell Preparation and Storage
ST4-30 Contemporary (and Interactive) Bioethics in Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy
ST4-31 Cases and Lessons Learned from Serological and Molecular Cases in Patients with Ethnic Diversity
ST4-32 Bringing Animal Models, Human Studies and Epidemiology Together to Understand RBC Alloimmunization
TU1-01 PBM Certification and Standards Clarification The Journey from Good to Great
TU1-02 Will Rare Blood be There When Needed Meeting Exquisitely Rare Blood Requests, One Patient at a Time
TU1-03 Document and Change Control It is Not Easy, but Everybody of Gotta Do It
TU1-04 HLA Epitope Matching Towards Precision Medicine in Transfusion and Transplantation
TU1-05 How Human Factors Engineering Can Save Your Lab
TU1-06 How Do We Improve Our Vigilance for Malaria While Retaining Donors
TU1-07 Principles and Troubleshooting of Apheresis Understanding How It All Works with As Little Math As Possible
TU1-08 Leading at the Speed of Trust Using the 13 Behaviors to Develop, Restore, and Extend Smart Trust in Your Key Relationships
TU1-09 New Concepts on the Role of Monocytes in Health and Disease
TU1-10 From Transmutation to Rejuvenation Transfusion in Popular Culture
TU2-11 Back to the Future Setting up and Managing a Whole Blood Transfusion Program
TU2-12 Challenges of Terminology and Bioinformatics for Blood Group Systems (AABB ISBT Joint Session)
TU2-13 Update Your Critical Appraisal Skills Apply a Critical Approach to Appraising the Medical Literature
TU2-14 Is a Physicians Group and Outpatient Clinic a Good Fit for Your Blood Center
TU2-15 Oral Abstract Session Advances in Cellular Therapies
TU2-16 Oral Abstract Session Emerging Trends in Transfusion Practice
TU2-17 2019 Karl Landsteiner Memorial Award and Lectureship
TU2-18 Challenges and Opportunities for Developing and Implementing Global Transfusion Standards 3/26/2020
TU2-19 Beyond Conventional Controversial Uses of Blood Components
TU2-20 Quality Risk Assessment in Cellular Therapy Laboratory
TU3-21 Mentorship How to Cultivate Talent and Promote from Within Your Organization
TU3-22 In Search of the Golden Donors Finding Special Donors for Special Blood Products

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