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Overview – Topics/Speakers:

2-Volume Mastering Rhinoplasty Video Series

by L. Mike Nayak, MD

In this 2-volume rhinoplasty series, Dr. L. Mike Nayak shares his approach to various challenges facing rhinoplasty surgeons today. Cases range from soft cartilage with thick skin to strong, bulbous cartilage with thin skin. Defects of the nasal dorsal width, projection, and axis are also addressed.

Each case begins with analysis of nasal aesthetics and anatomy and formulation of a surgical plan. Then, using open techniques for maximum visibility, Dr. Nayak demonstrates a logical, stepwise, and reproducible surgical correction, focusing on predictable, stable, and functional results. Throughout each case, he discusses the rationale for each maneuver performed. While the basic foundation of the procedure is shared among all the cases in this series, each case has been selected for particularly unique challenges.

8 Primary Rhinoplasty Cases With 9 Hours of Operative Video!

Techniques demonstrated include:

  • SubSMAS nasal dissection
  • Subperichondrial nasal dissection
  • Open septoplasty
  • Hump reduction through rasping and osteotomy
  • Intranasal, percutaneous, and root osteotomies
  • Middle vault reconstruction through spreader grafts and autospreader turn-in flaps
  • Tip support through lateral crural steal, columellar strut, septal tongue-in-groove, and caudal septal extension graft techniques
  • Modification of tip dynamics by cephalic and caudal trims, autorim grafts, suture techniques, and interrupted strip techniques
  • Management of lateral crural convexity, with and without lateral crural transposition and alar batten underlay grafts
  • Fine tuning of contours with shaved and crushed cartilage grafts

Volume 1 (4.5 hours of operative video)

  • Case 1:  Crooked, Bulbous Nose With Strong Lower Lateral Cartilages
  • Case 2:  Ptotic Nose With Dorsal Hump
  • Case 3:  Severely Ptotic Nasal Tip
  • Case 4:  Tension Nose With Wide Dorsum and High Radix

Volume 2 (4.5 hours of operative video)

  • Case 1:  Narrow Nose With Dorsal Hump and Plunging Tip
  • Case 2:  Thick Skin, Boxy Tip, Moderate Dorsal Hump
  • Case 3:  Sebaceous Skin Bulbous Tip With Convex Lateral Crura
  • Case 4:  Deviated Nose With High Radix and Ptotic Tip

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